Design Futures for Apollo Bay

The Shifting Lines strategy aims for Apollo Bay, Skenes Creek and Marengo to develop a respectful relationship with an evolving and dynamic coastline. The strategy proposes to introduce new wide-ranging land use controls to restrict development of land along sections of the Bass Strait coastline, such as permeable surface minimums, site coverage maximums, and minimum vegetation levels. Target sites for intervention across the Apollo Bay Region, explore different aspects of the strategy.

Wild Dog Creek

Wild Dog Creek today with proposed rolling development restriction lines and proposed Specific Control Overlay (SCO). Rolling development restrictions would be created to enable a staged retreat as sea level rises. This would also apply to the old sections of Apollo Bay, with a future land-use for parts of the old road to be decided through an Adaptation by Design Workshop

Great Ocean Heritage Walk

Although Shifting Lines does not dictate specific future design outcomes for the old Great Ocean Road, a potential outcome is a heritage trail and wetland park at Wild Dog Creek. Wetlands are adept at managing inundation and create a new attraction for the area.

Milford Creek - potential restrictions

Milford Creek is subject to inundation and this will worsen with sea level rise. The SCO will enforce permeable surface minimums and lower site coverage to assist in absorbing water runoff. Properties would be limited to 40% site coverage, with driveways and hard surfaces required to be retrofitted as permeable.

The Barham River & The Backwater

The Backwater and abutting properties are subject to significant inundation. Rolling development restrictions would require the relocation of the Caravan Park.This will enable the steady retreat of property and enable a new land use for the area to be decided through an Adaptation by Design Workshop.
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