After previously studying Architecture in undergrad, my passion is now in Urban Design and Sustainable Planning. This work looks at the foreshore area between Apollo Bay and Skenes Creek and the local risks due to climate change. This embraces opportunity for the return of natural habitat and the provision of a new active transport route connecting the towns.

This project seeks to create an experience where people are equal with nature and can experience its pleasures without damaging new habitats. It looks to revitalise the foreshore of Apollo Bay and surrounds to both make it more pleasurable for people and an attractive, unique, and accessible experience along the Great Ocean Road.

Wild Dog Creek Wetlands

In between Apollo Bay and Skenes Creek, you will find the Wild Dog Creek Wetlands. As the sea rises, the point at which the fresh water from the creek and the salty sea meet will move further west. This area seeks to become a salt marsh wetland. By utilising the natural dips in the land, areas that are now damp for most of the year will be formalised into permanent wetlands. This will increase the area’s ability to absorb high seas, tides and storm surges, but also importantly create new thriving habitat for indigenous plant species and coastal wildlife such as sea birds.

Project Scope Map

This Map highlights the context of the proposal and displays the overall completed link from Apollo Bay to Skenes Creek, indicated by the dotted lines. It also highlights the 3 different precinct types through the project. Blue outlining the Wetlands, Purple indicating the new vibrant people focused commercial foreshore, and Yellow the Shared Path and areas for revegetation connecting them.

Wild Dog Creek Wetlands experience

Wetlands Boardwalk is an educational walk through the wetlands,with minimal construction that places the landscape at the center of focus. This section will become a place for people to observe nature and a hotspot for biodiversity. Materiality will reflect this and be respectful to the natural environment.

The boardwalk will be without stairs, to maintain accessibility for all, it should also have kickers at the edges to ensure safety for prams and wheelchairs. This is a place to watch nature up close and from afar without interrupting it.

Residential Foreshore - Shared Path Link

The lengths of foreshore between Apollo Bay and Wild Dog Creek, and Wild Dog Creek and Skenes Creek, will be a peaceful coastal shared bath for cyclists and pedestrians. There will also be a section of limited vehicle access for residential properties along the route in Apollo Bay. Those in Skenes Creek have a separate Service Road which will remain.

This section will be moved further back from the shore than the original road alignment, allowing for more vegetation and ground works to protect from the rising seas and erosion. It will be constructed with permeable surface materials to let water pass through and be absorbed into the ground.

Residential Foreshore - The Shared Path Experience

The space in front of the residential properties should be open and spacious. The path will be lined with trees and grasses. There should also be lots of dense saltbush shrubs, these will grow to medium heights and maintain a view out to the sea. They will also help stabilise the foreshore and sand dunes, helping to prevent erosion. There should also be amendments made to the Design and Development Overlay that ensure properties maintain a semi-transparent property line, meaning no tall fences (not currently present) that shadow the path. Instead, low fences and planting should be encouraged as a way of marking the boundary.

Vibrant and Flexible Commercial Esplanade

The stretch of foreshore in central Apollo Bay, home to many shops, café’s and eateries, will be transformed into a vibrant pedestrianised plaza. Home to many new features including outdoor dining opportunities, new vegetation, and places for picnics. Giving this space back to people will provide many more opportunities for events and make this area a popular gathering place, the perfect stop for lunch for those traveling the Great Ocean Road.

In this section there will be a separated cycle path and dedicated room for emergency vehicles. It will use high quality surface design techniques to differentiate spaces and reinforce the principles of water sensitive design.
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