Vedat Bakish is a Cypriot born international student who arrived in Australia in 2017. The designer has completed a diploma in 'Art and Design' and recently completed his 'Interior Architecture Bachelors (Honours)' degree at Monash University. Throughout his degree, he has worked on a variety of studios with different focuses. However, he has found a passion for creating immersive fantasy environments. His work concentrates on creating otherworldly environments that bring people together.

QUEERSPACE: Creating Queer Heterotopias

The project focuses on readapting a section of the Jam Factory located in South Yarra Melbourne into a public space of inclusivity. The designer created the interior and the program following queerspace theories and disciplines of heterotopias. The interior has three layers to itself which are transparent, translucent and opaque. These layers were created through consideration of how the project acts as a transition and an extension of public space. The design also enables the visitors to activate the structure, creating a true queer heterotopia.

Jam Factory - 500 Chapel St, South Yarra VIC 3141

The diagrams show the surroundings of the historic Jam Factory located at the corner of Chapel Street and Garden Street. The site was chosen to be readapted due to its significant location for the LGBTQIA+ community both historically and currently.

Queerspace Theories

The site was transformed through the application of queerspace theories. The three approaches were:

1-Sexualised spaces, which are environments created by the body for the goal of orgasm.

2-Political spaces, which are environments that are lesbian and feminism oriented. They aim to be visible and run with their set of rules.

3-Sexualised political spaces, which are environments taken over by minority LGBTQIA+ groups.

Space + Materiality

The diagram shows the complete form and materiality of the space. The readaptation was inspired by various architects and artists such as Arakawa + Madeline Gins and Henrique Oliveira.

Exterior View

The image shows the exterior view of the space from across the street. The space breaks the traditional boundaries between exterior and interior in multiple ways, which blurs the separation of public and private.

Interior View

The image shows the interior view of the space from the transparent layer. The view gives an idea of the sort of activities that could take place within the first layer.
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