I am a B.Arch student who is passionate about radical architecture and innovative designs that explores new forms of living. I think new modern design does not create or showcase the excitement of possibilities in the future like back in the twentieth century(at least not as much), I wish to revitalise the idea of that in today's architectural design.

In my own time, I like to explore places that I have not been to, whether it is different cities, suburbs or rural areas. Trying and experience unknown aspects is one of the many things that I enjoy.

I am looking for an internship or part/full time job in the architecture industry. Please kindly contact me if opportunities are available.

The Abandoned Ground_Long Section

The Abandoned Ground is a megastructure that explores a future with no cars but people travel with their capsule studios through a worldwide-connected hyperloop train system. Since humans have destroyed the nature enough, humans have abandoned the ground as habitat and transitioned to live above the ground to end the colonisation of the ground from the nature. The project acts as a mini-city in the original Sunshine suburb and its design encourages high level of collaborations as a community.

The Destinator

The Destinator is a factory of culture. It is a free floating architecture in the ocean. There is only one entrance under water at the bottom of the factory. A system at the centre of the factory would take the visitor into a random direction. Different directions would have different experience and ultimately leading into different exits. The system symbolises the unknowns in life and the final destinations are always unknown.

Market Module Detail

The Market Modules are an element in the a market interface project to challenge the traditional markets. Market modules within the main market area are to accommodate different kinds of market at different times of a day. These market modules can be transformed into four versions or modes to meet different demands. For example, during the day, modules are transformed into the ‘market plus’ version which is an ideal version for selling grocers. At night, they can be arranged into semi circles to form a night market specialising in meals inspired by asian street hawkers.

Market Bridge_Exploded Axonometric

The Market Bridge, aims to connect and merge the New MITA site with and into the Broadmeadows Shopping Centre and the local community, like a bridge.The market interface has inclueded number of programs other than markets. Bus stops, an amphitheatre, new entrance to the adjacent shopping centre, a culture pavilion, rest areas etc.
The explode axonometric above shows the site in four layers showcasing the circulations, contour, vegetations and programs implemented.
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