A recent architecture graduate with an adventurous soul to explore, travel and learn new things. Through most of my works, I like to go beyond, test new limits and create new experiences and spaces while aiming to do so by enhancing the atmospheric qualities of the site I work in. I like to create spaces that would bring the community together to enjoy their experience in that space.

Gateway Park Entrance

Youth in Hobart make up 18.5% of the population and are in need of safe spaces to grow and become part of the wider community. The project aims to act as a gateway by allowing access through the site to the different surroundings. The Gateway park creates an atmospheric experience of the site and surrounding views while enjoying different indoor and outdoor sports activities. The engaging glass facade acts as a safety aspect looking into the park for visual connection. While, the roof acts as a signature for the park referencing the industrial history of the site while connecting the whole park.

Gateway Park from Outside

This view highlights the entry into the Gateway Park and the experience of being under the roof.

Restaurant view

This view showcases the user experience of the space while enjoying the surrounding views in Hobart.

Interior to exterior view

This view highlights the visual connection from inside out acting as a safety aspect to watch the kids.

Perspective Section Part 1

This perspective section view focuses on the different outdoor sports activities happening outside.

Perspective Section Part 2

This perspective section view focuses on the different indoor sports activities happening and the roof pointing towards the different surrounding views.
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