Within my interior architecture studies I have focused on exploring the value of public space and engaging the community in conversations around sustainability. The rapid development of cities has satisfied the basic requirements of human daily life, ignoring the pursuit and cultural and historical explorations. In today's society with a variety of social problems, interior architecture has become a platform for investigation. My work explores the continuous impact the fashion industry has on the environment, and questions how interior architecture can be utilised to bring attention to social issues and educate consumers around sustainability within fashion.

Hero Render

With the global shift from physical retail shopping to e-commerce and changes in consumer trends, the traditional street retail environment has become a redundant social public space. The various fast fashion brands as dominant in the physical environment have changed people's consumption habits and concepts, they quickly satisfy consumers' sense of fashion freshness with popularity, low price and become the fashion waste. The Second is a refashion experience in the redundant Dongshan street, the design invites consumers to engage with a series of steps in order to educate them on the impacts of fast fashion and the need for a sustainable future within fashion.


The old clothes were collected from the community and redesigned as a fabric chair for the public.


The workshop is for educating visitors to redesign fashion waste.


Exhibition & Performance

This space presents the redesigned works through dynamic and static forms, make the daily life scene into interesting catwalk.


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