How can we live in a mixed-use (MARKET + COHOUSING) building?

In my mixed use design proposal, residential cohousing is located above a market. This strategy to combine the two programs aims to be mutually beneficial to both.

Street View (Day and Evening)

The market area is always open to the public, which encourages other people on site to communicate with residents. During market work time, people can come to the market, buying and selling their products. When the market is off, there's also some entertainment on the market. People can play around and enjoy their after-work time here.

Master plan

Three of us (Stella, Carol and I) share with one site. On the bottom of the image, there are Bendigo Creek and Lake Weeroona.

Design Idea

Design Strategies:

1. Make the market flexible: Some stores can be moved after the market closes. (Release more space for residents to do activities)

2. Allow more space to communicate: large communal areas.

3. More interaction with market and cohousing: Build bridges between the building. (People can see each other more frequently. For example, When people walk on the bridge, they can see what's happening on the ground market and interact with more people outside the building.)

Axonometric Diagrams + Render images

In order to achieve a flexible market and utilize the market ground space efficiently, I make the market more flexible. So, when the market is off, the stores can be moved, tables and some entertainment stuff (pool tables and basketball court) could be placed, allowing residents and other people on-site to play together. In addition, the market table here can be transformed into a food table. So, people can enjoy the buffet and have a party here.

Ground Floor plans (Day and Evening)

Other Drawings

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