The project located on the street corner of Baron street and Wattle Street, Box Hill North, and I'm aiming to create an open, communal age care center into a dense urban development. The project seeks to prioritised different levels of user need and incorporated it as a criteria to facilitate the spatial functions and design decision.

Exterior view with central courtyard

For building 2, the main client are low-need disabled elderly people who need to use a wheelchair or crutches to move, but can perform basic daily activities independently. The aim of the project is to add sustainable development design into the building while ensuring the basic needs of the residents, creating an open and comfortable living environment for them.

perspective section

I put all six individual units in upper level to keep privacy, all the public activity spaces are on the ground floor, which also connect to the central courtyard. To express the concept of sustainable design, I put solar panels and skylight on the roof could maximize the conversion of sunlight into electricity and reduce indoor lighting. The butterfly roof could effectively increase the indoor air ventilation and the skylight window helps to bring in fresh air.

Ground Floor & First Floor Plan

I arranged the floor plan by considering circulation of three different kinds of people, residents, visitors and the stuff. I put all the public activities space on the ground floor including shared dinning area and an open sitting area where the residents could play chess and have nice view towards central court yard. The lobby directly connect to the common room for residents, Storage and shared laundry are away from the entrance for stuff use only. The six units are all in upper level and there are also some stuff used only space such as a storage and duty room to in case emergency situation at night.

Roof Garden Collage

Sitting Area View

Individual Unit View

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