Wild Dog Creek Nature Reserve: dune

The Wild Dog Creek Nature Reserve aims to restore and enhance coastal dunes and coastal vegetation, limit urban development, and provide a range of recreational activities by creating additional roads, vegetation cover, dune restoration and the establishment of educational landscapes. Dunes are an integral part of our coastal environment. Not only do they provide a reserve supply of sand but they are also the basis of essential ecosystems, supporting valuable plant and animal communities. Dunes limit the intrusion of waves, wind and salt onto land, dunes and are barriers to marine inundation, providing a critical morphological and ecological transition from the marine to the terrestrial environment.

The future of Wild Dog Creek

The Wild Dog Creek Nature Reserve will restore coastal dunes and vegetation by creating additional roads, vegetation cover, dune restoration and educational landscapes. A range of compatible recreational activities will also be provided.


Providing camping sites in a natural environment provides a venue for family outings to learn by example and experience nature. At the creek's edge, the plaza will shift from a dryland plaza to a wetland plaza as the volume of water in the creek changes due to tidal changes. The higher ground becomes the perfect choice for a campsite, with a backdrop of large trees and a stream in front, with nearby cycling paths and walking trails through the woods.

Lane in forest

This is an area of arboreal forest, which has been kept relatively natural. Most of the surrounding trees can reach up to 20 metres in height and have tall canopies.

Dune Vegetation

Dune vegetation is wide recognised as an associate degree integrated plant system that exhibits reciprocity in terms of community structure and floristics and provides food and shelter for varied animals. Protecting, maintaining, and restoring these intrinsic scheme values could be a crucial thing about diverseness conservation.


The string of trails will support people from the beach towards the hinterland of Wild Dog Creek, creating a complete pedestrian zone. The raised road surface reduces the disturbance of the vegetation by people. It provides an opportunity to get in touch with nature while maintaining asafe distance.
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