The studio is intent to develop a system as the design methodology to translate the city events into precedents for architectural design, creating a new architectural typology. My project is working on the controlled permeability system to develop a project of kitchen plus media.

Axonometric view

The project is starting to challenge the height constraint. It was sitting in between the circulation slopes and in the middle of the different height levels. Most of the car park remains at the top side. In terms of the program of the building, the space is continuous and increasing. The program is starting from public to private as it is going up. The kitchen + media programs were developed in multi directions based on the controlled permeability system exploration, like kitchen with photography for menu or marketing post, kitchen with podcast or live stream events.

Section A-A'

Section B-B'

Street View


The kitchen continues in every part of the building which in a way of controlling the kitchen permeability of the building as a new typology. In terms of how the kitchen plus media space work, for example, there are always people filming for a live stream when the chef is cooking and the third person passes on the feedback from the real time streaming to the chef, so the chef can respond directly (Refer to detail plan). Getting the advantage from the slope, it creates a variety of seating space for people. In this level, the kitchen bench becomes a wall at the start to allows seat for the chef to edit video or rest, but ends with a kitchen bench for chefs to cook.

System & Narrative

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