My name is Yuanxi Zhang. I'm from Beijing and my undergraduate background is graphic design. I have two years work experience on urban design and hope to further develop in this field before I study in MUPD. I believe knowledge starts with practice. Although most of my two-year study was online due to the COVID-19, the studio stimulated my interest in urban planning and gave me the opportunity to explore and practice the community, economy, cultural industry and environmental issues in Macaulay.

Key directions for renewal

Macaulay as an area with certain potential conditions can rely on Melbourne city center as a creative, inclusive, inventive area. Over time, this area will transform from an industrial area to an emerging innovation district with great opportunities for more diverse work and better lifestyles.

Proposed Shared Garden near the north Melbourne Community Centre

An edible garden can be built in Melrose, firstly to enrich the perspective of public facilities, and secondly to enhance the interaction between neighbors, allowing everyone to grow their own on this lawn, reducing some of their food expenses, as well as promoting healthy eating. The edible garden is not only an attractive landscape node, but also plays a role in rainwater collection and infiltration.

Green corridor in Melrose

Effectively link public open space within the community through ecological corridors and greenways, and isolate surrounding industrial sites to reduce the impact of industry on the environment and residents environment and residents

The heated island effect of car noise and exhaust on cities

In addition to the environmental pollution that factories bring to communities, the noise and exhaust from cars also contribute to the urban heat island effect. The effective establishment of greenways and enhanced roadside planting can reduce the environmental pollution caused by people

Proposed transport route

Enhanced service frequency on the 402 bus would make current public transportation more accessible and dependable in the short term.
People should be allowed to access public transportation systems more easily. Short traffic signal cycling durations at junctions and crosswalks to public transportation terminals could help cut waits. Throughout all public transportation stations, a high degree of security and convenience should be given.

Affordable Housing Design

Without affordable housing options, many people cannot afford to live in, and be part of, our communities. We have identified a current shortfall of 5,500 affordable homes across the municipality. By 2036 there is expected to be approximately 27,100 people in need of social and affordable housing in Macaulay.
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