Project research question is:
How to encourage residents to engage in community of Co-housing by merging events and movement into design?

Dune - Event Plaza

This research question is derived from Tschumi’ s argument in his book Event-cities. He points out the importance of events in and between architecture and city, this studio was designing co-housing, therefore, design events and movement can help to encourage residents to engage in community. The strategy of this project is to design an event plaza, which can bring everyone together because of some activities. Residents can spend more time on this event plaza instead of staying in their own room. The event plaza looks like dunes, so I named this project as dune.

Activating Heritage Building

Our site includes heritage buildings, these buildings carry some of the history and culture of Bendigo, so I mainly focus on reuse existing building on the site in order to remain these historical carriers.

Interior View

The whole co-living space is designed to be very open to encourage residents to come to common space and communicate.

Building Facade

Floor-to-ceiling windows is designed on the ground floor and a semi open outdoor space is designed on the first floor. This is to allow event plaza to enter the sight of residents.

Dune - Slope For Elder People

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