Thank you for your willingness to click in and read my work. My name is Yutong. I really like the aesthetics of space created by different buildings. I tried to explore the atmosphere created by the interlacing of light and shadow for viewers in my project. Regarding how different transitions and programs in architecture affect people's activities, the transformation of architectural language allows me to improve my self-examination of the relationship between site and space.

Market Bridge

Market Bridge will provide a portion of on-site employment opportunities for MITA residents. The open flow site can easily accommodate a large crowd from New MITA and the local community.

Short Sections of "Market Bridge"

Market Bridge provides different modes during the day and night. The transformation of the market module provides a variety of job opportunities and different forms of gatherings to break the traditional market and emphasize the cultural diversity of the Site by the products.

Market Bridge

The project followed through a consistent architectural language of curvature and waffle structures. Curvature represents the flow of time, changes through time and symbolises the smooth transition for MITA residents from their origin to the nation and Broadmeadows.

Garden Spa Project

Garden Spa Project transformed four systems into design ideas to show space relationships about THRESHOLD. People enter in the site can take shower and enjoy the spa is related to the system of Reaction. The project has two levels. From lower spa area to upper garden space, different level connections indicate eye level threshold. The system of Rhythm and Filter work together into different spa areas to create height differences.

Garden Spa Section View

Spa pools are connecting together, the glass floor in the center enable people to see the water flow underneath, forming a water belt that runs through the entire garden.
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