TCP 300 - Skyway Street-view

Skyway Village proposes 7 double storey townhouses arranged in a courtyard configuration to demonstrate the application capability of the TCP300 system designed in the studio. Each townhouse includes 1 to 3 bedrooms, accommodating to a range of family configurations.

TCP 300 - Skyway section

A Biophilic approach to Skyway village maximises densification without compromising livability, splitting the lot alongside the solar path to optimise the natural sunlight and ventilation for each townhouse. The large internal courtyard allows the growth of mature vegetation through the maintenance of a deep soil zone, which consequently provides natural shading and privacy screening for the townhouses.

Cataloguing of Components - Eames House

Documenting the components of prefabricated precedents enabled forensic interrogation of how modular systems work.

Cataloguing of Components - Breaking the system

Deploying the Components in different scenarios uncovers the maximum capabilities and opportunities of the prefabricated system

R-eco System - Bedroom Fitout

Constructed from recycled plastic waste, the R-eco system celebrates collaboration and innovation by partnering with local makers to reduce pollution

R-eco System - Construction Model

R-eco provides the foundation for pre-existing companies and local makers to collaborate through the proposal of the plastic composite frame. This open-source approach minimizes and distributes the risks and costs associated with developing a new product, while providing local companies the chance to expand and grow. Valuing recyclability and extending material life cycle, R-eco draws inspiration from furniture design to ensure that the panels are demountable and easily re-assembled.
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