Axial Intersections project interrogates the Caulfield Plaza and its surrounding context as a key site of intervention for the future of the Monash Caulfield education precinct by establishing new connections between the campus and community through the re-design and re-activation of the Caulfield Plaza into a Creative Hub.

Long section through the Creative Hub looking to Caulfield campus

Locals from the Caulfield campus, station and town centre are drawn to a central courtyard, with vegetated landscapes and water falling over a structural stone wall pumped from on-site water tanks.

Project masterplan

The Caulfield precinct is expected to grow through continued investment in transport and community infrastructure and education facilities presenting opportunities to redevelop and reintegrate the Caulfield urban fabric.

Southern stairway and rooftop structure

The Creative Hub unites axes from the Caulfield campus and Caulfield station via a southern stairway structure inviting locals to occupy the roofs of the building.

Creative Hub ground and roof plans

Internal plans are articulated by lines of axes from the Caulfield community to provide a network of new north/south and east/west links.

Cross section through the canopy walk

A new lane is established on ground level connecting Post Office Place with the Monash Caulfield multi-level car park, providing a ventilated passage with planter seating and views to the courtyard.

Site axonometic with axes

Axial Intersections draws on surrounding context to develop a building and landscape forecourt that is articulated by existing lines of axes to create an extended education facility and intermediate civic zone that blurs the lines between the local town centre and campus.
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