Our project found an opportunity in providing a missing link within the Clayton Precinct between the vegetated park areas north of the precinct and southern bodies of water. By creating new landscape connections, the project introduces new ecologies, urban wetlands, and reserve hub connections. The project program surfaces obsolete underground water catchment supply pipes and turns them into landscape elements that purify the water system and mitigate urban heat island risks. The new connections and passages will promote ecological diversity while establishing a new accessible community space.

Green spine connecting significant ecological and urban points

The proposed ecological system connects the previously disjointed Monash campus, Jock Marshall reserve, SRL station, Melbourne water retarding basin with other existing open and green spaces. This ecological link unites these areas and their individualized qualities. The new connections and passages will promote ecological diversity while establishing a new accessible community space.

Clayton precinct ecology, wetlands and heat threats

This map overlays the existing ecologies, wetlands with areas of intense, and heat island threats in the Clayton Precinct and Monash University. This mapping revealed the potential of a link between the strong northern vegetation corridor and southern water bodies.

Integration of Melbourne's water catchment systems

A key component of the program is the integration of water. The discontinuation of obsolete water supply lines, the redirection of underground water supply pipes to an over ground system allows for blue-green spaces that create a tangible relationship with the community while allowing for cooling and ecological purification of water.

Integration of micro-interventions within green spine

Through the creation of a green spine, the project forms a new community space. To address the notion of community engagement and circulation/activation, we have proposed micro-interventions that aim to create 24 hr activation.

Ecological Urban Bridge

The Ecological Urban Bridge provides the primary connection to the broader green corridor via Callaghan reserve. The pedestrian overpass was proposed along the green spine to bridge over the M1 and stitch together surrounding urban areas.

Green spine impression

The green spine aims to energise the development of the surrounding context through appealing environments. It provides a strong future orientated and environmentally conscious identity for the Monash precinct.
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