The Inner Outliers studio focuses on exploring new housing typologies of low-medium density models for the special needs older Australians, to create a sustainable community that supports social and individual demands whilst engaging with the urban fabric and local environment.

Brunswick West Housing Complex

The design concept is to focus on independent living that provides more private space in low-density dwellings. Also bringing the environmental quality into the living space, initiative, and passive interactions with the exterior environment.

Site Analysis

The project is situated in Brunswick West, which is primarily a residential suburb. Surrounded by mostly separate houses is one of the triggers of designing low-density aged care dwellings.

Site Plan

To integrate with the urban fabric, the project has a similar design language and blurs the boundary of the nature reserve next to it.

Section Drawing of the Site/Wall/Glass


In order to build a mentally friendly community, the project brings nature into the domestic atmosphere, creating an environmentally sensitive dwelling complex. The material uses face brick, timber cladding, and insulated glass unit to engage with the site design language but also bringing more vitality.

Interior Perspective View

It's crucial to design from the perspective of the elderly occupants and public views, providing an accessible, sustainable, and domestic atmosphere living environment.
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