This thesis aims to call attention to global warming and environmental protection through spatial design, to educate the public on the accelerated polar ice melting and how this will have an impact on all our lives very soon.

Ice-age Pop up Store (View of Infor-Center)

This project is to educate people about the melting of glaciers and make people aware that this is happening every day and every second. The purpose of this project is to make people notice that time is gold. With the passage of time, glaciers are also quietly disappearing. The reason this is happening is not because of one person, it is because of all of us. “A small leak will sink a great ship.” Furthermore, it is to let people focus on the changes of this program from the start to the end, not only the moment they came to visit this place. People will find out that how different the site is because of what they did to it.

Start of the program (Floating plate)

During the program (Floating Plate)

End of the program (Floating Plate)

Start of the program (Plaza view)

End of the program (Plaza View)

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