Starting architectural study at Monash in 2019, always fascinating with the spacial design that would benefit nature and human beings. During the third year of architecture study, I explored the 'New Normal' idea. Living with unexpected natural disasters would be the new normal condition. The role of architecture here, I believe, would not be solving the issue. Instead, it is to provide shelter under the situation and not exacerbate the environment. Experimenting with creating new building materials and forms is one of the goals for my future research studies.

multi-occupants city

The project provides interactive spaces for humans and animals, challenging the balance of human and animal rights to occupy the city. Throughout the city plan, boundaries are ubiquitous. Hoddle's grid set up a network of roads and concrete, limiting the circulation of animals within the city. People take over the right of animals to operate the land that we share. The architectural program aims to make people reconsider living with animals and change the hierarchy of the human as dominant in occupying space. The project's main focus is to engage sites that can provide suitable spaces for multiple animal species in the city to interact.

project circulation demonstrations

The master plan of the project demonstrates both human and animal interaction movements over the site. Animals are able to find their new habitats within the city and this would be the first stage of open up the boundaries and reduce limitations. Seeking a sense of balance of right here

project render

Stage 2 network progress

The program would start with exploring multiple types of sites that can implement animal habitats, and then as the project develops, the city would become borderless for all animals to enjoy and roam.
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