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SHARE - Collaboration

Solutions supporting Household Food Security in Australia through Research and Evidence

The SHARE Collaboration is a group of researchers from Universities across Australia with the vision to:

  • advance and disseminate academic research and evidence to raise awareness of the extent of the problem of household food insecurity in Australia, and
  • to determine how and advocate for effective policy and practice solutions of government and other agencies that can help to alleviate food insecurity for effected sectors of the population to improve health and well-being.

SHARE Collaboration aims to:

  • Communicate knowledge, translate, and exchange evidence on food insecurity
  • Foster connection, collaboration, and knowledge exchange between researchers, civil society organisations, and policy makers working on household food insecurity.
  • Coordinate world-class research that focuses on pathways out of food insecurity that helps to reduce the prevalence and severity of the experience in Australia.

Meet the SHARE Collaboration

Thanks to Caitlin Turner, QUT student, for the logo design.
Caitlin won a first year design competition to develop logos for food security research.

  • Sue Kleve

    Senior Lecturer (Public Health Nutrition)

    Nutrition Science and Dietetic programs in the Dept of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food at Monash University.

    Using quantitative and qualitative methods her research focuses on the existence and experiences of food insecurity and solutions to prevent and pathways out of food insecurity. Her work especially focuses on working in collaboration with a range of communities and organisations in local government areas. She is the convenor of SHARE.

  • Julie Brimblecombe

    Associate Professor

    Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University

    She is a public health nutrition scientist with practice, policy and research experience in remote Indigenous Australia and the Pacific Islands. Her research focus is to provide evidence, with communities, to address inequities in food supply and food access. Her work includes projects and advocacy relating to Indigenous food systems, real-world system approaches to improving population-level nutrition, social inequities in food access and determinants, modifying food environments to support healthier food options, capacity building for evidence informed decision-making and capacity building in research conduct.

  • Danielle Gallegos

    Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics

    Queensland University of Technology

    Danielle’s research focuses on real world “wicked” problems that require interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary solutions for improving food and nutrition from a public health perspective. As a social nutritionist her research is related to the nexus between food, nutrition and social justice.

  • Sue Booth

    Adjunct Senior Lecturer

    Flinders University

    Sue Booth is a qualitative researcher and dietitian and her work focuses on the impact of poverty on food and health as well as solutions to food insecurity. She has been researching food insecurity amongst vulnerable populations since 1999 and has been involved in research in both Australia, Canada and the US.

  • Christina Pollard

    Associate Professor in the Public Health Priorities

    School of Public Health at Curtin University

    Christine is an experienced public health nutritionist who has developed, implemented, and evaluated numerous public health nutrition interventions for Government (national, state and locally) for over 30 years. A pracademic - her parallel academic career has enabled her to translate evidence to practice. Christina believes that strong policy measures are essential to protect and promote the public health of those who are the most vulnerable in our society, hence her focus on creating the evidence for advocacy for food security.

  • John Coveney

    Professor of Global Food, Culture and Health

    Flinders University

    John explores the relationships between food, food choice and health in both social and cultural settings. His aim is to improve health and well-being by engaging with ‘wicked problems’ in real life situations involving food.

  • Andrea Begley

    Associate Professor and Discipline Lead in Nutrition and Dietetics

    Curtin University

    Andrea is Associate Professor and Discipline Lead in Nutrition and Dietetics at Curtin University. Andrea is passionate about improving people’s food literacy skills such as planning, selecting and cooking healthy foods to population health. Her goal is to produce evidence that builds food literacy capacity, social and policy change as one facet of improving food security.

  • Rebecca Lindberg

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition, Deakin University

    Rebecca is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition, Deakin University. She is a mixed-methods researcher and conducts varied projects to help highlight the problem of food insecurity and build the evidence-base to support solutions.

  • Jeromey Temple

    Associate Professor of Economic Demography and Head of the Demography and Ageing Unit

    University of Melbourne

    Jeromey’s research is at the intersection of demography, economics and public policy – and their relationship to ageing at both the individual and population level. His research interest in food insecurity relates to identifying demographic groups at heightened risk, food insecurity and ageing, examining the role of exogenous shocks in explaining exposure and levers to ameliorate food insecurity.