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Our Team

STAREE Investigators

School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University, Victoria

Principal Investigator:
Professor Sophia Zoungas

Chief Investigators:
Professor John McNeil
Professor Andrew Tonkin
Professor Rory Wolfe
Professor Elsdon Storey
Dr Stephanie Ward

Associate Investigators:
Associate Professor Robyn Langham
Dr Andrea Curtis

Other Institutes

Chief Investigator, University of Western Australia:
Professor Lawrie Beilin

Chief Investigator, Australian National University:
Professor Walter Abhayaratna

Chief Investigator, University of Tasmania:
Professor Mark Nelson

Chief Investigator, Curtin University:
Professor Christopher Reid


Monash University, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine – Melbourne

Senior Clinical Trial Manager:
Dr Simone Spark

Research and Governance Manager:
Dr Andrea Curtis

Senior Study Manager:

Operations Manager:
Zachary Flanagan

Administration Managers:
Kate Vaughan

Medical Officers:
Dr Alissia Kost, Dr Anthony Pease and Dr Lavanya Gupta

Senior Participant/GP Engagement Officer:
Lucy Boorn

GP Engagement Officers:
Yif’at Biran, Rhiannon Helson, Natasha Diamantaris and Lucy Boorn

Participant Engagement Officers:
Lucy Boorn, Amanda Corlis, Rhiannon Helson, Alex McGregor, Yen Vo, Monaal Madan, Benjamin Ridley and Dilshara Samaranayake.

Clinical Trial Coordinators:
Alex McGregor, Afreen Mulla

Data Officers/Analyst/Monitoring:
Praveen Baswa, Danielle Clarke, Louise Lowe and Liudmyla Olenko

Research Support Officers:
Lucy Petric, Timothy Alexander, Raphael Sanding, Lachlan Clyne, Jacqueline Kotsovolos, Rebecca Orth, Eshana Pussegoda, Tina Zacharis, Niamh Herbert, Grace Cullity, Amily Kolomoisky, Luci Lawrence, Bridget Hollibone, Chiara Piazzesse, Dara Nixayathirath, Madeline Dimitriou, Kylie Nguyen, Aaron Appathurai, Angelica Tachas, Sharna Hawking, Jamie Finestone, Emma Palatsides, Shavini Ratnayake and Ivana Rea.

Administrative Support:
Josephine Tan and Ellen Udjir

Endpoint Officers:
Meghna Bhatt, Claudia Sharp

Monash University, School of Rural Health – Victoria

GP and Participant Engagement Officers:
Emma Silberstein, Bernadette Hughes and Rachel Niclasen

Monash University, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine – Adelaide

GP and Participant Engagement Officers:
Sandra McKean

Monash University, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine – Queensland

Site Lead:
Dr Gary Deed

GP and Participant Engagement Officers:
Stephen Glanville, Claudia Auschra, Heather Borradale, Jacqueline Amadi and David McLaren

University of Tasmania, Menzies Institute for Medical Research

GP and Participant Engagement Officer:
Kym Spathonis and Emma Moloney

Curtin University, School of Public Health, Western Australia

GP and Participant Engagement Officers:
Sue Critchley, Annie Syred, Alison Hodge, Yvonne Stott, Karen French and Eilish McCarthy.

University of Newcastle, School of Medicine and Public Health, New South Wales

Site Lead:
Professor Andrew Boyle

GP and Participant Engagement Officers:
Jodie Lynch, Aleksandra Gorka-Stolzman and Caroline Hill