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9000th Participant Joins STAREE

In June 2022 STAREE randomized our 9000th participant into the study - Chris! We had the pleasure of chatting with Chris to learn a bit more about herself and her participation in STAREE.

Chris became a part of STAREE after receiving an invitation letter from her clinic. After having a discussion with her GP, they both agreed that it would be a great idea for Chris to participate in this important public health study. Since joining the study Chris has been “absolutely enjoying it”. Chris finds that taking study medication every day and participating in STAREE has not been an imposition at all.

Chris has led a full life and now keeps herself busy by using her knack for sewing and knitting to help others. After conquering her three battles with cancer, Chris is giving back to patients who are in a similar position. Chris does this by knitting pull on hats for patients who experienced hair loss due to cancer treatment, to keep their heads nice and warm. In addition to this, Chris also knits for the local hospital shop and a small boutique in Melbourne, supplying toys, dolls, cardigans and dog coats. On top of all of this, Chris also does clothing alterations for the local school. Chris also spends her time doing what brings her the most joy which is cooking for her loved ones, as she aspires to continue her mother’s legacy of being a fantastic cook.

Finally, Chris shed some light on her secret to a healthy, happy long life. Despite battling cancer numerous times and living with endometriosis, Chris did not let this stop her from doing the things she loves. As said by Chris - “it’s no good sitting around moping about it, just get on with it”. 

We thank Chris for her ongoing participation in STAREE and wish her all the very best.

Image of Mrs Christine Iredell - 9000th Randomized Participant into the STAREE Study

Pictured: Mrs Christine Iredell (9000th Participant).