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First participants are enrolled into the STAREE trial

The STAREE trial has officially commenced and 2015 has been a hive of activity to reach the following milestones:

August 2015 – Study invitations

The first round of study invitation letters posted to potential participants in metropolitan Melbourne and Hobart.

September 2015 – Registered Interest

The STAREE team receive their first round of phone calls from interested persons and they are guided through questions to see if they are indeed suitable for the trial

October 2015 – Study appointments

The first round of potential participants attend an initial screening appointment to confirm suitability.

November 2015 – Participants start trial

The first round of participants pass through their screening appointment and are officially included into the trial

December 2015 – Our first 100 valued participants included in trial

The first 100 participants included in the STAREE study, having passed through the initial stages of the trial.

For more information on what is involved please click here.