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Medication Blister Packs can now be recycled!

Participants who are keen on recycling will be excited to know that used and empty medication blister packs can now be recycled at select pharmacies and collection points across Australia thanks to a new initiative, Pharmacycle. When it comes to items that Australians wished they could recycle, blister packs are at the top of the list.

Blister packs are made of various plastics, foils, and paper foils, which means they can’t be recycled in mainstream recycling. Every year, this amounts to an enormous amount of plastic waste which goes into landfill, where it takes hundreds of years to break down. Without programs like this, hard-to-recycle waste streams would continue to go into landfill or contaminate kerbside recycling.

For more information please see below:

You can find a local collection point using the following link: