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STAREE puts a step into Spring Seniors Festivals

Members of the STAREE study gathered their banners and “brain games” to attend annual community festivals in both Melbourne and Perth, during October and November 2016 respectively. In line with Victorian Seniors week, STAREE hosted a stall at the Whitehorse Spring Festival on Sunday 16 October. The event attracted around 15,000 people from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and provided an ideal opportunity to raise awareness about Monash University and the STAREE study. Fleur O’Hare, one of the STAREE project managers, was lucky enough to be asked to talk about the study and what’s involved on local radio station 94.1FM 3WBC.

Successful community engagement for STAREE continued in Perth, with the team based at Curtin University hosting an interactive tent at “Have A Go” day on Wednesday 9 November. The smiley team (pictured right) conducted blood pressure checks, brain games, handed out flyers and responded to numerous questions about healthy ageing and the STAREE study. The study is currently within the recruitment phase, so our efforts are on raising awareness and interest about the importance of this medical research.

Pictured left to right: Allison Hodge, Jacquita Affandi, Sue Critchley, Jenny Prince, Chris Reid, Annie Syred – STAREE team based at Curtin University, Perth, WA.