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Introducing the Grid Innovation Hub

The electricity sector is facing complex challenges and rapid transformation, with ageing infrastructure, increasing supply volatility and evolving consumer behaviours, combined with dynamic regulatory environments and the trend towards decarbonisation.

The Grid Innovation Hub at Monash University is fostering partnerships between industry, government and our world-leading researchers, tackling some of the most important problems of our time through ingenious research and inspiring education.

From cutting-edge data science and network security, to grid planning and engineering next-generation alternative energy technology, the multidisciplinary Grid Innovation Hub is dedicated to creating new opportunities for Australia to lead the world in energy.

Case Studies

  • Dr Ariel Liebman

    Preparing the grid for a decarbonised future

  • Associate Professor Tim Dwyer

    The control room of the future today

  • Associate Professor Megan Farrelly

    Examining pathways for sustainable change

  • Dr Zahraa Abdallah

    Data Treasure: Understanding power usage in the "Big Data Era"

Some of our Facilities

Future Control Room, CAVE2TM and Sensilab
World-leading visualisation, interactive design and digital fabrication facilities.

Monash Microgrid
A state of the art living laboratory microgrid with grid edge systems and new energy generation and storage technologies.  It is designed to manage energy demand and response, and provide ancillary services to the electric grid.

Renewable Energy Lab
World leading facilities for developing new materials and devices for energy harvesting and storage applications.

Some of Our People and Expertise

  • Professor Manos Varvarigos

    Smart Grids and Internet of Things

    Computer Networks, Optical Networking, Networking Algorithms and Protocols, Cloud Computing, Resource Management, Network Planning and Operation Tools, Optical Interconnects for Data Centres, Smart Energy Grids, Remote Systems Management, Optoelectronic Layouts and Performance Evaluation.

  • Dr Behrooz Bahrani

    Power Electronics and Grid Integration

    Power Electronics Converters, Power Systems Control, Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Resources and Microgrids.

  • Dr Reza Razzaghi

    Power Systems and Grid Integration

    Integration of Renewable Energy Resources, Power System Protection and Control, Stability Analysis, Phasor Measurement Units, Real-Time Simulation of Power Systems, and Power System Transients.

  • Associate Professor David Barnes

    Image Computation and Visualisation

    Signal Processing, Scientific Visualisation, Visualisation for Communication, Education and Outreach, Image Management, Analysis and Visualisation, and Parallel Supercomputing.

  • Associate Professor Jacek Jasieniak

    Solar Cell and Energy Storage Technologies

    Nanocrystals, Colloids, Quantum Dots, Thin Films, Solar Cells, Luminescence and Interfaces.

  • Professor Doug MacFarlane

    Energy Storage

    Preparation and Characterization of Ionic Liquids and other types of Ionic Materials for a range of applications in Electrochemistry, Green Chemistry, Solar Cells, Batteries and Biotechnology, including Protein Stabilization and Biopreservation.

  • Associate Professor Victoria Haritos

    Alternative Fuels

    Enzyme Discovery and Design, Metabolic Engineering of Yeast and Bacteria, Systems Biology of Cultured Cells for applications in Biocatalysis, Bioprocessing, Manufacturing and Energy

  • Professor Russell Smyth

    Energy Economics

    Development Economics, Empirical Legal Studies, Energy Economics, Financial Economics and Subjective Wellbeing.

  • Dr. Rowena Cantley-Smith

    Energy Law and Policy

    Energy Law, Regulation and Policy, Economics and Law and Environmental Law.

  • Associate Professor Srinivas Sridharan

    Market Behaviour

    Consumer Issues, Entrepreneurial Models, Implications for Business and Marketing Strategy and for Public Policy.

Founding Partners


Monash Energy Materials and Systems Institute (MEMSI)

T: +61 9905 1049