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Our Collaborators

To achieve our goal of addressing global health challenges, we build and maintain a strong collaborative network. Some of our national and international collaborators are listed below. We are always happy to talk to potential collaborators.

National: Prof Tom Davis (UQ), Prof Colin Pouton (Monash), Dr Natalie Trevaskis (Monash), Dr Mikey Whittaker (Monash), Dr John Quinn (Monash), Prof Stephen Kent (Melb Uni), Dr Adam Wheatley (Melb Uni), Prof Karlheinz Peter (Baker Institute), Prof Hang Ta (Griffith Uni), Prof Xiaowei Wang (Baker Institute), Prof Andrew Whitaker (UQ), Prof Michael Yu (UQ), Prof Cyrille Boyer (UNSW), Prof Shi Zhang Qiao (Uni Adelaide), Dr Vi-Khanh Truong (RMIT), Prof Mathew Cooper (UQ), Prof Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh (UNSW), Prof Nigel McMillan (Griffith Uni), and Prof Yin Xiao (QUT).

International: Prof Craig Hawker (UCSB, USA), Prof Athina Anastasaki (ETH Zürich, Switzerland), Prof Michael Dickey (NCSU, USA), Prof Seb Perrier (Warwick, UK), Prof Dave Haddleton (Warwick, UK), Prof Nigel Bennett (NYY, USA), Prof Ki Dong Park (Ajou, Korea), and Dr Jung Seok Lee (Yale, USA).