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Abud Laboratory

Epithelial Regeneration

Welcome to the Abud Lab

Our laboratory studies how stem cells are regulated in the intestine and we use “mini gut” organoid cultures to study intestinal diseases and bowel cancer.

We're part of the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, a member of the Development & Stem Cells, Cancer and Immunity Programs, and the Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology.

Professor Helen Abud

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Our research

Our research is centred on the stem cells located in the inner epithelial lining of the intestinal tract.  These stem cells constantly replenish the specialised intestinal epithelium which acts to both absorb nutrients from food and provide a barrier to disease-causing bacteria.  We study the molecular mechanisms and environmental influences that regulate stem cells in normal tissues, degenerative diseases and colon cancer. We utilise tissue from patients to grow three-dimensional organoid cultures to study intestinal diseases including bowel cancer. Organoids can be used to test various therapies to find what works best for the patient’s specific type of disease or tumour.

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