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Cowley lab publications

Selected highlight publications

1. Koch M, Varela L, Kim JG, Kim JD, Hernández-Nuño F, Simonds SE, Castorena CM, Vianna CR, Elmquist JK, Morozov YM, Rakic P, Bechmann I, Cowley MA, Szigeti-Buck K, Dietrich MO, Gao XB, Diano S, Horvath TL. 2015. Hypothalamic POMC neurons promote cannabinoid-induced feeding. Nature, 519 (7541): 45-50.

2. Dodd GT, Decherf S, Loh K, Simonds SE, Wiede F, Balland E, Merry TL, Münzberg H, Zhang ZY, Kahn BB, Neel BG, Bence KK, Andrews ZB, Cowley MA, Tiganis T. 2015. Leptin and insulin act on POMC neurons to promote the browning of white fat. Cell, 160 (1-2): 88-104.

3. Simonds SE, Pryor JT, Koegler F, Kelly LE, Grove KL and Cowley MA (2019) Determination of the metabolic and cardiovascular effects of phentermine and liraglutide, alone and in combination, in lean and obese mice. Diabetes, Apr;68(4):683-695.

4. Simonds SE, Pryor JT, Ravussin E, Greenway FL, Dileone R, Allen AM, Bassi J, Elmquist JK, Keogh JM, Henning E, Myers MG Jr, Licinio J, Brown RD, Enriori PJ, O’Rahilly S, Sternson SM, Grove KL, Spanswick DC, Farooqi IS, Cowley MA. 2014. Leptin mediates the increase in blood pressure associated with obesity. Cell, 159 (6): 1404-16.

5. Balland, E., Chen, W., Dodd, G. T., Conductier, G., Coppari, R., Tiganis, T. & Cowley, M. A., 8 Jan 2019 Leptin Signaling in the Arcuate Nucleus Reduces Insulin's Capacity to Suppress Hepatic Glucose Production in Obese Mice. Cell Reports, 26, 2, p. 346-355.

Additional publications

A full list of Cowley Lab publications can be viewed on PubMed.