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Greening Laboratory

One Health Microbiology

Welcome to the Greening Lab

Our laboratory investigates the causes and consequences of bacterial persistence within the contexts of global biodiversity, infectious disease, climate change, and public health.

We're part of the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, and a member of the InfectionMetabolism, Diabetes & Obesity Program and the Department of Microbiology.

Associate Professor Chris Greening

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Our research

Bacteria can persist in almost all environments due to their unprecedented ability to survive nutrient deprivation and resist antimicrobial treatment. To achieve this, environmental and pathogenic bacteria alike enter stress-resistant dormant states. We use an interdisciplinary approach to investigate the causes and consequences of bacterial persistence. Our research program has identified novel metabolic processes that enable bacteria to persist, including their capacity to ‘live on air’ by consuming the trace gases hydrogen and carbon monoxide. We are using these insights to drive change across the fields of global biodiversity, infectious disease, climate change, and public health.

  • How does life exist in extreme environments?

    We explore how microbes make energy and carbon in natural and built environments worldwide.

  • Targeting energetics to kill tuberculosis

    We identify novel metabolic pathways that facilitate mycobacterial persistence and drug resistance.

  • How do bacteria control the atmosphere?

    We investigate how and why bacteria consume the trace gases hydrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide from the atmosphere.

  • Informing interventions to reduce pathogens and AMR

    We work closely with Asia-Pacific communities to monitor and improve environmental and human health.

Lab members

We are committed to excellence in research.


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