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Greening lab publications

Selected highlight publications

1. Cordero PRF & Bayly K, Leung PM, Huang C, Islam ZF, Schittenhelm R, King GM, Greening C* (2019). Atmospheric carbon monoxide oxidation is a widespread mechanism supporting microbial survival. The ISME Journal 13, 2868-2881

2. Bay SK, Dong X, Bradley JA, Leung PM, Grinter R, Jirapanjawat T, Arndt SK, Cook PLM, LaRowe D, Nauer PA, Chiri E*, Greening C* (2021). Trace gas oxidizers are widespread and active members of soil microbial communities. Nature Microbiology 6, 246-256

3. Grinter R*, Ney B, Brammananth R, Barlow CK, Cordero PRF, Gillett DL, Izore T, Cryle MJ, Harold LK, Cook GM, Taiaroa G, Williamson DA, Warden AC, Oakeshott JG, Taylor MC, Crellin PK, Jackson CJ, Schittenhelm RB, Coppel RL, Greening C* (2020). Cellular and structural basis of synthesis of the unique intermediate dehydro-F420-0 in mycobacteria. mSystems 5, e00389-20

4. Greening C* & Geier R, Wang C, Woods LC, Morales SE, McDonald MJ, Rushton-Green R, Morgan XC, Koike S, Leahy SC, Kelly WJ, Cann I, Attwood GT, Cook GM, Mackie RI* (2019). Diverse hydrogen production and consumption pathways influence methane production in ruminants. The ISME Journal 13, 2617-2632

5. Lappan R & Henry R, Chown SL, Luby SP, Higginson EE, Bata L, Jirapanjawat T, Schang C, Openshaw JJ, O’Toole, Lin A, Tela A, Turagabeci A, Wong THF, French MA, Brown RR, Leder K, Greening C*, McCarthy D* (2021). Monitoring diverse enteric pathogens across environmental and host reservoirs with TaqMan Array Cards and standard qPCR: a methodological comparison study.  In press, The Lancet Planetary Health

6. Ji M & Greening C, Vanwonterghem I, Carere CR, Bay S, Steen J, Montgomery K, Lines T, Beardall J, van Dorst J, Snape I, Stott MB, Hugenholtz P, Ferrari B* (2017). Atmospheric trace gases support primary production in Antarctic desert surface soil. Nature 552, 400-403

7. Lee BM, Harold LK, Almeida DV, Afriat-Jurnou L, Aung HL, Forde BM, Hards K, Pidot SJ, Ahmed FH, Mohamed AE, Taylor MC, West NP, Stinear TP, Greening C, Beatson SA, Nuermberger EL, Cook GM, Jackson CJ* (2020). Predicting nitroimidazole antibiotic resistance mutations in Mycobacterium tuberculosis with protein engineering. PLoS Pathogens 16, e1008287

Additional publications

A full list of Greening Lab publications can be viewed on PubMed.