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Lazarus Research Group publications

Selected highlight publications

1. Wilson, Adam B., et al. "A meta‐analysis of anatomy laboratory pedagogies." Clinical Anatomy 31.1 (2018): 122-133.

2. Wilson, Adam B., et al. "Breaking with tradition: A scoping meta‐analysis analyzing the effects of student‐centered learning and computer‐aided instruction on student performance in anatomy." Anatomical sciences education 12.1 (2019): 61-73.

3. Rhodes, Danielle, Quentin A. Fogg, and Michelle D. Lazarus. "Dissecting the role of sessional anatomy teachers: A systematic literature review." Anatomical sciences education 11.4 (2018): 410-426.

4. Pather, Nalini, et al. "Forced Disruption of Anatomy Education in Australia and New Zealand: An Acute Response to the Covid‐19 Pandemic." Anatomical sciences education 13.3 (2020): 284-300.

5. Lazarus, Michelle D., et al. "Anatomy integration blueprint: A fourth‐year musculoskeletal anatomy elective model." Anatomical sciences education 7.5 (2014): 379-388.

Additional publications

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