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Rosa lab members



Professor Marcello Rosa

Head, Laboratory for Cognitive and Sensory Systems Neuroscience


Telephone: +61 3 9905 2522

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Dr. Nafiseh Atapour

NHMRC-funded postdoctoral Fellow: Cellular components of the thalamus and cerebral cortex, and circuit plasticity following damage to the visual system

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Dr. David Reser

School of Rural Health, Monash: Structure and function of the claustrum, and interactions between the claustrum and cortex

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Dr. Piotr Majka

Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Warsaw, Poland, and ARC Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function: Development of Neuro-informatic resources for analysis of cellular types in the primate brain, and their connectivity

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Dr. Răzvan Gămănuț

ARC-funded DECRA Fellow: Experimental neuroanatomy and computational models of the claustrum and cortex


Mrs. Katrina Worthy

Laboratory manager: Development of experimental surgery and histological techniques


Mr. Shi Bai

Software engineer and web developer: Implementation of computational resources for data analysis and sharing via web interfaces


Ms Melissa Chong

PhD student: Subcortical neuroplasticity following primary visual cortex lesion


Ms Gaoyuan Ma

PhD student: Recovery of vision following cortical damage: anatomy and behaviour


Ms Sadaf Teymornejad

Technical assistant


Ms. Cecilia Cranfield

Administrative assistant – Compliance



Dr. Sofia Bakola

ARC-funded postdoctoral Fellow: Cortical pathways for visual-motor and visual-limbic interactions

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Mr. Jonathan Chan

PhD student: Consequences of lesions in primary visual cortex to the organisation of thalamocortical pathways


Dr Leo Lui

Faculty of Engineering, Monash: Mechanisms of cortical plasticity following injury to the occipital lobe; now working with the Monash Vision Group (Bionic Eye)


Mr. Declan Rowley

PhD student: Functional organisation of the visual cortex


Ms. Kirsty Watkins

Research assistant – Histology