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Behind every treatment that improves human health is a story of discovery. Every day we make new research discoveries and forge partnerships that have a global impact. Read about some of these here.

News and outreach highlights

Professor Marcello Rosa’s research has featured in many outlets. Here are a few highlights:

  • Creating and sharing detailed maps of brain connections: The Marmoset Brain Connectivity Atlas is the first large-scale map of the network of connections in a non-human primate brain. March 2020.
  • Mapping white matter in unprecedented detail. The first high-resolution 3D map of white matter in marmosets brings us a step closer to understanding brain connectivity in humans. January 2020
  • Cortical frontiers: Commercialising brain-machine interfaces. The Hon Greg Hunt MP visited the Neurobionics lab to see how the ground-breaking technology that interfaces computers to the brain, for bionic vision and movement restoration, works. The lab is exploring potential new applications for the electronic implants, including the moderation of epilepsy and depression, brain-controlled prosthetics, and the restoration of vital senses beyond vision. June 2019
  • Honey bees see a world of colour through five eyes, Published in PNAS, research into the way that honeybees see colour has garnered national media coverage including a TV interview on ABC News as well as press features in The Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph, ABC News, Tech2 and GetStem. The research team included Monash BDI’s Prof Marcello Rosa and A/Prof Adrian Dyer and Dr Jair Garcia from RMIT. Their discovery of a new mechanism for processing colour information from studying honeybees could pave the way for more accurate cameras in phones, drones and robots. July 2017

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