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Samuel lab publications

Selected highlight publications

1. Chakraborty A, Pinar AA, Lam M, Bourke JE, Royce SG, Selomulya C*, Samuel CS*. 2021. Pulmonary myeloid cell uptake of biodegradable nanoparticles conjugated with an anti-fibrotic agent provides a novel strategy for treating chronic allergic airways disease. Biomaterials 273, 120796

2. Wang C, Gaspari TA, Ferens D, Spizzo I, Kemp-Harper BK*, Samuel CS*. 2021. Simultaneous targeting of oxidative stress and fibrosis abrogates cardiomyopathy-induced ventricular remodelling and dysfunction. British Journal of Pharmacology 178, 2424-2442

3. Li Y, Shen M, Ferens D, Broughton BRS, Murthi P, Saini S, Widdop RE, Ricardo SD, Pinar AA, Samuel CS*.2021. Combining mesenchymal stem cells with serelaxin provides enhanced renoprotection against 1K/DOCA/salt-induced hypertension. British Journal of Pharmacology 178,1164-1181

4. Chow BSM, Kocan M, Shen M, Wang Y, Han L, Chew JY, Wang C, Bosnyak S, Mirabito Colafella KM, Barsha G, Wigg B, Johnstone EKM, Hossain MA, Pfleger KDG, Denton KM, Widdop RE, Summers RJ, Bathgate RAD, Hewitson TD, Samuel CS*. 2019 AT1R-AT2R-RXFP1 functional crosstalk in myofibroblasts: Impact on the therapeutic targeting of renal and cardiac fibrosis. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 30,2191-2207

5. Royce SG, Patel KP, Mao W, Zhu D, Lim R, Samuel CS*. 2019. Serelaxin enhances the therapeutic effects of human amnion epithelial cell-derived exosomes in experimental models of lung disease. British Journal of Pharmacology 176,2195-2208

*Corresponding author.

Additional publications

A full list of Samuel  Lab publications can be viewed on PubMed.