Traffic Engineering and Management Book

Traffic Engineering and Management Book

Traffic Engineering and Management book cover

The Traffic Engineering and Management (2003) book

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This book aims to present a comprehensive, up to date source of information about traffic engineering and management in Australia. It is written for the practising traffic engineer or traffic professional, but has particular appeal to students because it deliberately emphasises the fundamentals and theoretical underpinnings of the subject matter.

The book is a successor to the well-known Traffic Engineering Practice, edited by Ken Ogden and David Bennett, which appeared in four editions over the period 1979-1989. The title Traffic Engineering and Management reflects the broad scope of contemporary approaches to traffic problems, which have as much to do with management of the traffic stream as with the provision of traffic furniture, (although of course, much of the management of traffic requires the application of advanced engineering). Traffic Engineering and Management (TEM) was initially co-ordinated and edited by Ken Ogden and Samantha Taylor. Their efforts are being progressively updated and refined. Co-ordination and editing of these activities were carried out by William Young on behalf of the Institute of Transport Studies (Monash) (ITS (Monash)).

The process of progessive updating of the TEM book and material in it will utilise traditional printing of the book and progressive updating of particular chapters. The new chapters not included in the most recent edition of TEM will be available on the ITS (Monash) website

Australasian traffic engineers and managers have available to them a wider range of source material than was the case a few years ago. The Austroads series Guide to Traffic Engineering Practice, the various State and Territory Traffic Engineering Manuals (or material with a similar title), Standards Australia material, together with contributions from related disciplines (such as AMCORD - the Australian Model Code for Residential Development) may all provide daily support and guidance. This book in no way cuts across these sources; its aim is to summarise the main thrusts of these more detailed publications, while providing a good basis in the fundamentals.