Transport Research at ITS (Monash)

Research Facilities

The Institute of Transport Studies at Monash University has one of the most advanced transport laboratory (Smart Cities Laboratory) in Australia (established in 2005). Some of the facilities are:

Driving simulator

Laser Based Instrumented Car

This instrumented vehicle is able to find moving objects with very high accuracy in high traveling speed.

Driving Simulator

The driving simulator is used for studying human behaviour in traffic systems.

High Performance Computing Facility

The complex modern problem in transport engineering requires high performance and cloud computing facilities. These facilities are developed as part of transport laboratory at Monash.

Multi-disciplinary Crowd Dynamics Laboratory

A small scale biological lab to use animal as proxy to human crowd motion is established as part of the transport laboratory.

Portable Data Monitoring (CCTV) and Acquisition Unit

This facility is used for quick and accurate mass data collection of traffic and transport systems.