Monash at COP26

Monash at COP26

Addressing climate change

Climate change, global warming, carbon emissions and environmental degradation are among the greatest challenges facing our way of life and our planet. Rising temperatures, the destruction of animal habitats, increased energy consumption and air pollution threaten the health of humans, animals and environments across the world. The impact of climate change cannot be understated, which is why it is one of the three key global challenges Monash seeks to address in the University’s new Strategic Plan, Impact 2030.

To create change on the scale that is necessary, we need end-to-end practical solutions with innovative research and scientific advancement at their core, and to educate and foster climate-minded citizens and leaders. We must bring together the right groups to share our knowledge and leadership to address climate change. This includes informing government policies at national and international levels to specifically address how rising carbon emissions are affecting the way we work and live, both locally and globally.

Our scientists, through modelling, provide clear choices about the pathways we can take, and the consequences of inaction. We must continually strive to better understand the impacts of climate change, and enhance the capabilities in our graduates and researchers to respond.

Doing better and doing things differently requires society-wide changes – from individual behaviours through to large-scale organisations and communities. Monash University pledged, in 2016, to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030 as part of our environmental and social governance, and is committed to modelling the outcomes supported by our research and education. Education and improved communication to disseminate knowledge, to develop new capabilities and capacities, and to modify behavioural and societal patterns will be vital to meeting the challenge.

The response to climate change requires an ongoing commitment through our education and research to creating a more globally sustainable future.

Professor Margaret Gardner AC, President and Vice-Chancellor

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