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  • Here Now Hear (2019)

    Here Now Hear is comprised of nine innovative Australian works commissioned and recorded by the Monash Art Ensemble between 2017-2019. It features an eclectic mix of contemporary cross-genre music by significant Australian composers: Paul Grabowsky, Kate Neal, Andrew Ford, Robert Burke, Cat Hope ...

  • Zephyrix (2108)

    Zephyrix is the musical embodiment of that tension, encapsulating both the strain and release of this dichotomy. It seeks to explore the dialectic between struggle and serenity and illuminate the myriad of unseen colours, tones and potentials that are half within a new and ever-emerging mind (Metanoia).

  • Histories (2016)

    "Histories. For each of us they represent narratives within which we find navigable timelines, chains of causation, explanations. Sometimes teleologies, sometimes songlines, they represent attempts to structure time and place, identity, and to imagine destiny. What history is not is a single truth ...

  • Nyilipidgi (2015)

    Nyilipidgi lies north-east of Ngukurr, in Australia’s Arnhem Land. At the heart of the ancient culture of the Wagilak people, who continue to care for these ancestral homelands, is the tradition of manikay: shared songs which bind the community together, both reflecting on and creating a sense of identity, place and unity. Nyilipidgi brings together David Yipininy Wilfred, the traditional djunggayi (manager) of the manikay of the country of Nyilipidgi, and his brother Daniel Ngukurr Boy Wilfred, with the Monash Art Ensemble and Paul Grabowsky AO, one of Australia’s most respected musical figures a multi ARIA-Award-winning jazz composer and performer.

  • Fabliaux, with Dave Douglas (2014)

    Dave Douglas represents to me the quintessential 21st century musician; a perpetually curious musical exporter with a panoramic overview of the various traditions of which he is a part, and which have seem him span musical worlds from Horace Silver and Mary Lou Williams to John Zorn and Shigeto.

  • Hexis, with George Lewis (2013)

    In these works by George Lewis, both performers and listeners improvise; the music manifests a behavioural suppleness that encourages us to catch the bus and go along for the ride, unburdened by teleologies.

  • Monash Art Ensemble (2012)

    "The Variations, based on the beautiful melody by the great gamba virtuoso (and improvisor) Marais, from his fourth book of pieces for viols, published in 1717, presents a series of highly personalised portraits of some composer/musicians who have influenced me in particular ways ...