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"Playing in the Monash Art Ensemble feels like a professional thing that you get booked for. It gave me a taste of the ‘real world’ working with high-level professionals" - Miles Legg (drums)

“I found it challenging just playing with such fantastic musicians… sitting beside amazing players does make you question the ideas that you put forth when you’re rehearsing and performing" - Felix Meredith (trumpet)

"Playing new music with professional musicians was a big eye-opener for me… different to my experiences of playing with other students and so different from straight classical music as well" - Yii Ying Tan (piano)

"Playing with MAE threw me out of my comfort zone and it was a really positive experience that I didn’t receive anywhere else or had not yet received anywhere else. Very valuable for me. It was a new style, a new approach to the way people make sound, the way people make music" - Luke Severn (cello)


"What a brilliant, liberating experience for musicians at such a formative stage of developing their art" - John Shand, Music and Other Spheres

"The Monash Art Ensemble features excellent musicians exploring the world between improvisation and written music and hopefully this is the beginning of many more recordings and concerts" - Chris Cody, The Music Trust

"What Paul Grabowsky has achieved here [with Nylipidgi] is an original jazz symphony of monumental proportion utilising words, dances and songs (manikay) of the Wägilak clan somehow amalgamated with jazz influences in a quite moving original, musical landmark." - John McBeath, The Australian

"Zephyrix is an excellent new addition to an extremely impressive catalogue" - Joseph Cummins, Loud Mouth

"The Monash Art Ensemble is comprised of mostly students, but one would never guess, given the level of execution. Hexis is a masterful album, and gets my highest recommendation" - Stephan Wood, The Free Jazz Collective


You can listen to and purchase all our albums, or individual tracks via BandCamp.