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About this site


Australia is a major country of immigration. At the time of the 2016 census, an estimated 28.5% – or 6.9 million – of the resident population was born overseas. This compares with 21.9% in Canada, 13.5% in the United States of America and 14.1% in the United Kingdom.

This site seeks to augment informed public discussion of immigration and population issues.

The material on the site was compiled by Professor Andrew Markus and is provided to further informed understanding of (1) population change in Australia, as indicated by statistics detailing immigration and population growth and (2) Australian public opinion on immigration and population issues.

The Scanlon Foundation Research Program

The Scanlon Foundation Social Cohesion Research Program was established to enhance understanding of the impact of immigration on social cohesion in Australia and to pursue the Foundation’s mission to support the creation of a more cohesive Australian society.

The Foundation is using the research findings to initiate on-the-ground action programs designed to address factors which affect social cohesion in areas where the potential for tension is most evident. In some cases these involve significant investments over a number of years in major projects.

The program is led by Prof. Andrew Markus of Monash University and Mr Bruce Smith of the Scanlon Foundation.