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Birthplace Distribution Based on 2006 Census Data


The following 2006 maps illustrate the distribution of selected birthplace groups for Australia's five major cities.  They were generated by MapStats.

 Population in 2006 (est.)Overseas bornRecent arrivalsBorn in North-West EuropeBorn in Southern and Eastern EuropeBorn in North-East AsiaBorn in South-East AsiaBorn in North Africa and the Middle East
Sydney4.28 millionmapmap mapmapmapmapmap
Melbourne3.74 millionmapmapmapmapmapmapmap
Brisbane1.82 millionmapmap map mapmapmapmap
Perth1.52 millionmapmap mapmapmapmapmap
Adelaide1.15 millionmapmap mapmapmapmapmap

Please note: All maps download as pdfs of 158kB to 253kB.