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Australian Genetics & Life Insurance Moratorium: Monitoring the Effectiveness & Response


A-GLIMMER is a research project which aims to monitor the impact and effectiveness of the moratorium on the use of genetic test results in life insurance underwriting in Australia.

  • About the A-GLIMMER project

    We conduct research into and advocate for a fair, transparent and long-term solution to the use of genetic tests in life insurance underwriting.

  • About the moratorium

    The 2019 moratorium limits the insurance industry’s use of genetic tests to determine life insurance cover. It’s an important step, but a long-term, measurable solution is needed.

  • Information for participants

    Here you can find important information about the genetics and life insurance moratorium, its terms and conditions, and associated research studies being conducted.

  • News

    Find out about key events and progress of the A-GLIMMER project, including recent research publications.

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