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Info-graphics and Journal Articles

Health messages are complex, particularly as the science underpinning them is evolving. In Communicating Health we are using a multi-layer strategy (a bit like an onion). Our first layer is to convey key messages using info-graphics, followed by the more traditional abstract and scientific papers.

  • Communicating Health—Optimising young adults’ engagement with health messages using social media: Study protocol

    Authors: Catherine Lombard, Linda Brennan, Michael Reid, Karen M. Klassen, Claire Palermo, Troy Walker, Megan S.C…

  • A qualitative study exploring what it means to be healthy for young Indigenous Australians and the role of social media in influencing health behaviour

    Authors: Mr Troy Walker, Ms Annika Molenaar & A/Prof Claire Palermo Issue addressed: This study...

  • Assessing the Credibility and Authenticity of Social Media Content for Applications in Health Communication: Scoping Review

    Authors: Ms Eva L. Jenkins, A/Prof Jasmina Ilicic, Ms Amy M. Barklamb & Dr Tracy..

  • Strategies to Improve Health Communication: Can Health Professionals be Heroes?

    Strategies to Improve Health Communication: Can Health Professionals be Heroes? Authors: Ms Eva L. Jenkins, A/Prof Jasmina Ilicic, Ms Annika Molenaar, Ms Shinyi Chin &...

  • Language of Health of Young Australian Adults: A Qualitative Exploration of Perceptions of Health, Wellbeing and Health Promotion via Online Conversations

    Authors: Ms Annika Molenaar, Dr Tammie ST Choi, Prof Linda Brennan, Prof Mike Reid, Dr Megan..

  • A social marketing perspective of young adults’ concepts of eating for health: is it a question of morality?

    Authors: Prof Linda Brennan, Dr Karen Klassen, Dr Enqi Weng, Ms Shinyi Chin, Ms Annika

  • Social media, body image and food choices in healthy young adults: A mixed methods systematic review

    Authors: Kim Rounsefell, APD; Simone Gibson, AdvAPD; Siân McLean, PhD; Merran Blair, APD; Annika Molenaar...

  • Considering the Impact of Social Media on Contemporary Improvement of Australian Aboriginal Health: Scoping Review

    Authors: Troy Walker, Claire Palermo & Karen Klassen Background: Social media may have a significant..

  • Social media use for nutrition outcomes in young adults: a mixed-methods systematic review

    Authors: Karen M. Klassen, Caitlin H. Douglass, Linda Brennan, Helen Truby and Megan S. C. Lim…

  • What People “Like”: Analysis of Social Media Strategies Used by Food Industry Brands, Lifestyle Brands, and Health Promotion Organizations on Facebook and Instagram

    Authors: Karen Michelle Klassen, RD, PhD; Emily S Borleis, BSc; Linda Brennan, PhD; Mike Reid, PhD…