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PhD Graduates from the Centre

  • Eduard Biche (2020)
    Thesis title: Local Brownian motions
  • Christian Davey (2020)
    Thesis title: Bayesian adaptive independence sampling with latent variables
  • Kaustav Das (2019)
    Thesis title: Closed-form approximations for option prices in stochastic volatility models via the mixing solution
  • Yiru Wang (2019)
    Thesis title: Tidy tools for supporting fluent workflow in temporal data analysis
  • Priyanga Dilini Talagala (2019)
    Thesis title: Anomaly detection in streaming time series data
  • Thiyanga Shamini Talagala (2019)
    Thesis title: Computationally efficient forecasting methods for large-scale real-time applications
  • Xiaomeng Yao (2019)
    Thesis title: High-dimensional statistical learning for nonlinear time series
  • Kanchana Nadarajah (2019)
    Thesis title: Advances in the estimation of fractionally integrated models
  • Hong Wang (2019)
    Thesis title: Essays on financial modeling and forecasting
  • Ban Kheng Tan (2018)
    Thesis title: Factor copula models and their applications
  • Jens Christian Grimm (2018)
    Thesis title: Finite-size effects in high dimensional physical systems
  • Meng Shi (2018)
    Thesis title: Random walks with interacting coordinates
  • Yunxuan Liu (2018)
    Thesis title: On the asymptotic analysis of random walk with dependent increments
  • Rongju Zhang (2018)
    Thesis title: Probabilistic numerical methods and target-based investment strategies for dynamic portfolio optimization
  • Zhichao Liu (2018)
    Thesis title: Robust Bayesian analysis
  • Mohd Almie Alias (2018)
    Thesis title: Mathematical modelling of the geometric control of bone tissue growth
  • Mark Bentley (2017)
    Thesis title: Credit valuation adjustments of credit default swaps by Lévy structural methods
  • Salem Alyami (2017)
    Thesis title: Markov chain Monte Carlo methods for Bayesian network inference, with applications in systems biology
  • A.K.M. Azad (2017)
    Thesis title: Computational modelling and characterisation of cell signalling cross-talks in acquired drug resistance
  • Shuhao Sun (2017)
    Thesis title: Mathematical modelling for cancer progression and metastasis
  • Rotem Aharon (2016)
    Thesis title: A stochastic differential model for cell migration and mutual cell-cell interactions
  • Manjula Dilhani Algama (2016)
    Thesis title: Bayesian methods for identifying non-protein coding genomic regions contributing to diseases
  • Jian David Louey Yen (2016)
    Thesis title: Energy in ecology: merging theory and data
  • Zongzheng (Eric) Zhou (2016)
    Thesis title: Phase transitions of some discrete models in statistical mechanics
  • Daniel McInnes (2015)
    Thesis title: Optimization of controlled Markov chains with application to dam management
  • Qianqian Wu (2015)
    Thesis title: Mathematical modelling and parameter inference of genetic regulatory networks
  • Jie Yen Fan (2014)
    Thesis title: Mimicking self-similar Markov martingales and extensions
  • Ying Oon Tan (2013)
    Thesis title: Option pricing with a natural equivalent martingale measure for log-symmetric levy price processes
  • Yu (Oscar) Tian (2013)
    Thesis title: The hybrid stochastic-local volatility model with applications in pricing FX options
  • Olivia Mah (2012)
    Thesis title: Volatility in the Black-Scholes and other formulas
  • Ashley Lim (2009)
    Thesis title: Some applications of semimartingale theory to limit theorems
  • Binh Huu Do (2007)
    Thesis title: State space models: empirical methods and applications in finance
  • Daniel Tokarev (2007)
    Thesis title: Galton-Watson processes and extinction in population systems
  • Truc Le (2005)
    Thesis title: Stochastic volatility models