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Perceptions of Teachers and Teaching in Australia

The new Monash report — Perceptions of Teachers and Teaching in Australia 2019 (pdf) — has found Australian teachers feel unappreciated and at risk of burnout.

The study used two surveys to compile data: 1) one of Australia’s largest surveys of teachers and 2) a survey of a nationally-representative sample of the public.

Teacher workload and well-being were identified as concerns from both teachers and the public. If not addressed, these will lead to a teacher shortage in Australia.

One of the alarming findings from this study is that 71% of teachers report they don’t feel appreciated, even though 93% of Australians trust teachers to do a good job in the classroom.

70% of Australian teachers do not feel appreciated
89% of Australians see teachers as hardworking


Teachers have a massive impact on our lives and communities, yet don’t always feel appreciated. To celebrate and acknowledge the work of teachers, Monash Education ran a #ThankYourTeacher campaign in 2019.

The campaign ran between 24 October 2019 and 10 November 2019 and coincided with the World Teachers' Day in Australia. Here's what it achieved.

Thousands of Australians said "Thank you"

We hope these messages of support and gratitude will help teachers feel the appreciation they so rightly deserve.

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