World Teachers' Day 2020

2020 World Teachers’ Day report

“I wouldn’t be who I am today without these incredible teachers.”

A Monash report released on 5 October, the World Teacher’s Day, shows that Australians are most grateful for their teacher’s ability to inspire, encourage and be kind.

The authors of the report — Dr Kelly Ann Allen, Christine Grove, Fiona May and Nicholas Gamble — analysed public messages that were posted during the #ThankYourTeacher campaign run by Monash Education last year. The 2019 campaign was launched in response to another study that showed nearly three-quarters of teachers felt unappreciated in the classroom.


4 in 10 messages expressed gratitude for social and emotional support, compassion, encouragement and connection.


More than 3 in 10 messages thanked teachers for the way they taught, their leadership and actions.


Just 1 in 10 messages posted expressed gratitude for teacher content, general knowledge or specific subject learning.

#ThankYourTeacher 2020

COVID-19 and the move to remote learning has had a massive impact on teachers, students and parents. We’ve all had to dig deep. It's time to acknowledge the hard work, passion and the extraordinary effort of expert teachers during lockdown.

Thank you, teachers!

We asked our kids:

Who is a teacher you’d like to thank?

Here's what they said.

You too can get involved

During the month of October – from the World Teachers’ Day on October 5 to Australian World Teachers’ Day on October 30 – post your message of thanks to your social channels using #ThankYourTeacher.

And that way all teachers can hear the message loud and clear: we appreciate you.

Be sure to use hashtag #ThankYourTeacher and tag us so we can share your messages.