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    Unsure which of our programs best suit you? Click here and navigate how English Connect programs can assist you.

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    All our programs are free and available to all Monash students. Simply select the program you are interested in and you will find information relating to locations, times it runs, how to register or how to access the service. We look forward to seeing you soon!

  • Testimonial

    At English Connect, we are eager to meet students from all around the world. View a one minute preview of Joey's welcome to English Connect.

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  • English Connect team

    English Connect permanent staff members are passionate about student engagement. We enjoy providing meaningful language programs to all university students. Meet our team and find out who we are and what each team member does.

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Information for Staff

  • About English Connect

    Join us at English Connect to enhance your English language skills and cross-cultural communication. Our programs are a fun, free way to meet and talk with other students, ask questions and share your time at Monash.

    There are no assessment, exams, lectures, or books - just interactive programs delivered by specially trained students. Make friends, discover new perspectives and increase your confidence in English by joining us now!

    View our mission statement.

  • Peer to Peer

    All of our programs are peer to peer, meaning they are delivered by other students at the university. Maximise the opportunity you have to meet different people by being involved in our Let’s Chat conversation program or by going to one of our fun and interactive workshops! Our programs are written by a talented education team and then delivered by a highly trained, dynamic cohort of student facilitators coming from all faculties of the university.