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The Australian Learning Analytics Summer Institute (ALASI) is the main forum in Australia for the exchange of knowledge, innovation, and experiences in the area of learning analytics.

The event offers a great opportunity to learn about analytics in education, showcase your activities and benchmark results through exposure to the thinking, experiences and feedback of other practitioners and researchers in the field.

This year’s ALASI is being held in conjunction with ASCILITE 2018 – come for the ALASI workshops and panels, stay on for the ASCILITE conference. ALASI is part of the network of LASI Locals coordinated by the Society for Learning Analytics Research.

School, university, and policy leaders now consider learning analytics to have a high potential to increase the quality of the student experience and student outcomes. The use of analytics can provide schools and institutions with improvements in admissions, learning gains, personalisation, the student learning experience, retention, curriculum design, and overall teaching and learning quality. However, schools and institutions are now facing the challenge of bridging the gap between research and theory on the one hand, and practical implementation on the other.

Some of the current key questions are:

  • How is learning analytics impacting learning design, student conceptions of learning, student learning behaviour, and institutional actions?
  • What tools, techniques and methodologies are currently having impact on practice?
  • How can learning analytics be systemically implemented through equitable involvement of all relevant stakeholders?