Sassy Organics

What stands out the most to you about Monash WIL interns?

Monash interns were eager to learn about their role and business in general and this made the internship so much more pleasant and fun. We were able to explore different facets of the business in a shorter period of time, providing them with additional learnings and experience.

How do Monash interns contribute to Sassy Organics? 

Monash interns have contributed to Sassy Organics’ expansion and innovation. As a result of a successful internship, we have additional staff helping us grow the business. Our part-time Communications and Marketing Assistant is responsible for Sassy Organics’ social media, email marketing and website content, which has been amazing. Her creativity can contribute to new processes and ways we do business, elevating Sassy Organics' marketing and content delivery.

What are some of the benefits of hosting interns?

There are many benefits of hosting interns, but for me personally the greatest benefit was providing mentoring as much as learning for interns. It's always nice to have a 'fresh' perspective and input from interns. Our new Communications and Marketing Assistant is a breath of fresh air so to speak and her input has been very valuable.

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